The VIS-G20 combines economy and ease of use of the control for regulating the viscosity of the ink. The viscosity measurement is done thanks to a vibration sensor, and simpler interface allows operators to edit more easily.


A microprocessor control for the regulation of the viscosity of the ink solvent that happens thanks to a vibration sensor.


A microprocessor control for the regulation of the viscosity of the water base ink and solvent base happens thanks to a vibration sensor and it is possible to integrate the pH control system.


The VIS-G30 is a viscometer designed to control the viscosity of adhesive materials such as glues or gripping glues.

G31 pH Control

Control developed for the control of pH for any material requires a monitoring of the same. This control can be found stand alone or integrated in the viscosity control.

G70 Filter

The series of G7 filters was studied for low and medium pressures, they are used for the filtration of fluids in various industries, in paint lines to the sector prints rotogravure or flexographic.

G90 Cooling System

The ink temperature system measured by a temperature sensor, which sends the measurement to the electronic control, which operates with reference set by the operator.

G35/G4_ - Print Controls

Accessories / Software

Here it is possible to find the appropriate accessories for each type of system