Printing Control

The step control print REG-G40-PAS shows the format of the print.

APPLICATIONS Rotogravure / Flexo / coupling / Reprint / Marking Unit / rewinders / Slitter


Basically you install a sensor on a crazy roller cam (just one screw) so that it provides a boost for each lap, and another sensor to provide pulse synchronized with the press. On a machine that uses printed material you synchronize on a brand of cutting free band.


General application of Step Control Head Detail

General application of Step Control Detail Encoder



  • Sensor to be placed on free roller exiting the last printing element.
  • Sensor to be placed on idle roller before the winder.
  • detection head in white light, with auto gain of the reading of the reference mark.
  • microcontroller system for processing the reference signals.
  • Data display panel LCD 24x4 backlit with setting parameters for membrane keyboard.


  • Display print size with value expressed in mm.
  • alert threshold for difference set data format.
  • Reading accuracy +/- 0.1 mm.
  • reading frequency 10 meters.
  • A device which eliminates the reading of the pattern of the material.
  • Control access through connectors.
  • Display of minimum and maximum values measured.
  • 115/230/400 VAC power 50VA.


  • print format
  • acceptable error limit.