Printing Control

The control register REG-G40 is studied for covering the necessity in the field of printing and packing.

APPLICATIONS Rotogravure / Flexo / coupling / Reprint / Marking Unit


The control can be used with the configuration fit to the difference applications: length and lateral register control for rotogravure and flexo machines with setup by modular console or by a centralized video system;
compact register control for:




  • A detection head for the print brand control;
  • An encoder mounted with a 1: 1 ratio with respect to the printing cylinder, the embossing cylinder, the die cutter system or any system to be synchronized with the pre-printed material;
  • A microcontroller system for processing the reference signals;
  • drive and motor adapter to be applied on a residual, on the side control, of an S card system. Alternatively there is provided a reference for the correction to a drive or to an external electrical axis;
  • A panel with a membrane keyboard and a LCD backlit 4-line for the data setting, manual correction, the error log and display for the commissioning phase. The panel can be incorporated into a single system with the drive board and the control or separate to position it in the place most suitable operator;
  • A video for the management of more controls in place of or in addition to the panel for setting the data.


  • Precision 0,01 mm;
  • speed of more than 1000 meters per minutes;
  • reading of low contrast marks;
  • reading of the marks constant from 10 to 1000 meters/minutes without amplitude variation or distortion making not necessary the sensibility adjust or offset adjust changing the speed of the web;
  • proportional and derivative control, automatic compensation of variations of the image length, managed by the microcontroller;
  • the start phase can be pre-selected or learned automatically if there is a single mark or by an external button near the reading head;
  • a protection system in the case of reading of wrong printed marks caused by blocks, folds, wrong cylinder pressure, etc.